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WholeLife Community Update:  03-08-21

In April of last year, due to the Pandemic, WholeLife Community vacated our agency and space in the MetroCenter Mall (which subsequently closed down). We relocated to my home office, and as fate would have it, I am busier than ever.  However, rather than developing our Counseling and Recovery Community, we are working on some different goals. We have decided to shift gears from clinical work to Senior Co-Housing, the development of the WholeLife Community Center, and my musical pursuits. Thankfully, by early April, both Rosa and I will have received our two doses of vaccine, and should be able to be much more active in the community. Now, we are actively seeking co-op partners and/or other non-profits for collaboration on the following:


WholeLife Community Center

If the Metrocenter Mall had not close down last year, WholeLife would have established its first Community Center iteration, as space at the Mall was plentiful and inexpensive.  Upon reflection however, after much thinking and reflection, the location was probably not ideal.


As envisioned, the WholeLife Community Center would be offer a plethora of therapeutic, artistic and creative, recreational, and vocational resources to the community-at-large.  This very sustainable model would initially necessitate a 10-15,000 sq. ft space. Within its confines would be:

  • Media production and space--Music and Video Studio

  • Multimedia performance space

  • Classroom spaces for a wide variety of classes and workshops for vocation, literacy, the arts, holistic health and spirituality

  • Complete kitchen

  • A robust schedule of community activities and classes; partnerships available

  • Offices for our co-op incubator; coop business center

  • Therapeutic and community center activities

  • Peer Recovery and Behavioral Health Groups


It would also feature a complete apothecary, exemplifying WholeLife’s adherence to Holistic and Integrated health principles. This will be a self-funded enterprise, structured as a co-op, and receive income from a myriad of sources.



Well that’s it for now. Take care, and please stay safe. 

 Alan Kovin, M.S., LASAC



Enrollment Starts: December 15th, 2019

Program Schedule Below 

Activities/Group Topics include: