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Due to the Pandemic, WholeLife Community has vacated our community in the MetroCenter Mall. Meanwhile, we have relocated to our home office, where actually, there's a heck of a lot going on.  In fact, perhaps we should see this thing as an actual opportunity folks.


The fates blessed Rosa and I in 2010, when after losing everything in the crash, we were able to purchase our home for cash after the crash. (I got one of the few that that the Banksters failed to buy),  The WholeLife Community House has a great converted 3-Car Garage, which is now our Telemed office, and Online Teaching/Recovery Group/Music/Media production space.  We are actively seeking to collaborate with other students, artists, writers and producers in Recovery or not.   Starting in 2021, we will be resuming our recovery music classes and groups, though still online.  We are still seeking production assistants. 

From the Heartland Project

  • Please click on Music from Heartland and more, above to hear a few of the songs. 

  • Seeking the following musicians: Drums/Percussion, Bass, Electric Guitar, Vocals, Solo Strings, Engineer/Mixer comfortable with Studio One 5. PREFER MUSICIANS WHO CAN REMOTE RECORD THEIR PARTS.  IN TIME I HOPE TO BE ABLE TO WORK HERE....When I feel safe, because I am very paranoid about Corona-Covida.

  • Stipend plus mechanicals for all contributions. WholeLife Music is a Co-operative business Organization


Lastly: if there are any folks out there that would like to help in the production of a cool new Vaudeville style streaming show, please contact me. Writers, performers, musicians, songwriters, arrangers, etc. 


My dearest hope is that we start the creation of a NEW Movement........... that ascribes to a philosophy of Justice, Holism and Integration, and especially the promotion and creation of Co-operatives, owned by the people, to fight the entrenched inequality of the feudal state. 

LET'S GET THE BALL ROLLING......With our music, our media, our writings and our political and economic actions!! Please check out the WholeLife Manifesto and feel free to email me at: wholelifeaz@gmail.com


WholeLife Harm Reduction Recovery Group

We are planning a daily WholeLife Harm Reduction Recovery Group, to be held on the Zoom platform.  This will be a group focused on Recovery and dealing with addiction, on many levels according to our Manifesto (see link above). Since we are not licensed at my home location, the group will be labeled as a Peer Recovery-Coaching group.  It will be run very similarly to a typical Group Therapy group, although our focus will be much more holistic. The group will be 1.5 Hours, and limited to 6 individuals and participants. Need to have Zoom or similar capabilities. The fee will be--pay what you can.  Email us to register: wholelifeaz@gmail.com 

Take care, and please stay safe. 

Alan Kovin, M.S., LASAC

Enrollment Starts: December 15th, 2019

Program Schedule Below 

Activities/Group Topics include: