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The WholeLife Manifesto

The WholeLife Community is actively seeking partners and collaborators for events, classes, music and video production, community events such as clubs, book and movie nights, sharing spirituality, and all valued activities for our clients .


The WholeLife Community is being established to provide holistic and multiple pathways recovery programming and activities for persons struggling with AOD and SUD problems in the Glendale-Phoenix area of Arizona. The WholeLife Community will establish community connections and much-needed resources with professionals, peers, and other organizations to positively impact the struggles that impact recovery. To that end, the WC establish the following specific recovery programming:

  • Holistic Outpatient Treatment Program (HIOP): Our primary clinical program for treatment and counseling. This program would be initiated post-detox, and could be paired with a variety of detox and/or medically assisted treatment options such as nutriceutical IV treatment, methadone, suboxone, etc. Clients would be involved in a combination of counseling/process,  individual and family therapy, psycho-education, peer-coaching, lifeskills, and passion-development programming;

  • Life Skills, Holistic Education, Vocation and Passion/Recreation/Fun Development: Activities, programs, and education designed to aid persons in recovery, to acquire essential tools to remain sober, stable, happy, and employable; to include programs and activities in music instruction,  production and education, multimedia (Internet radio Station/Streaming Video), and video production. These are integrated within both our HIOP program and our peer support programs, and are also available to the general public;

  • Peer Support: Our long-term recovery program, initiated after a client is in the Action phase of their Stages of Change.  (At this point, we refer to our clients as members). Members will be involved in a combination of psycho-educational groups, life skills, vocational, peer-coaching, holistic and/or passion-development programming. Counseling would still be available to these clients, as needed. Inclusive here will be scheduled mutual support for the general public in recovery including (a) Drop-in and (b) All Recovery Groups, which will be facilitated by peers. We anticipate these to be scheduled at least 3X weekly, and 1X per weekend, not only at our main locations, but at various satellite locations throughout the Greater Phoenix area. Our organization is certified and approved by the Arizona Division of Behavioral Health, to train future Peer Recovery Support Personnel;

  • We believe in non-judgmentalism, meeting clients where they are at, harm reduction, and multiple pathways of recovery;

  • We believe that holistic and integrated, interventions, efforts, and activities represent the best strategies for our clients to attain control of their lives. This is best represented by functionally addressing our multiple domains of function, as extrapolated in our mission statement. We believe that allopathic medicine and pharmacology/psycho-trophic medications should not be the sole alternative for our physical and behavioral health, and in fact, a holistic and integrated approach to health and wellness is much preferred;

  • We believe in the power of Peers, with learned experience, that they can themselves be the best ambassadors for recovery. Our goal is to create an ongoing, growing sustainable community, administered by Peers;

  • We believe very strongly in the power of community, and that a loss of community bonds and resources can be a major factor in addiction, as well as other mental illness. To that end, it will be a priority for the community to provide and/or be instrumental in creating and supporting community activities and events, as well as supporting re-entry activities

  • We believe that it is most important for the individual to define what recovery means for them, and that any strategies or pathways used, should helpful in supporting long-term recovery;

  • We believe that recreation, fun, the arts, hobbies, etc., can be significant tools for addressing the challenges of addiction; as a result, we have focused on offering a wide slate of activities and resources in those areas. These include groups, classes, and activities in all varieties of music education, music production, recording arts, instrumental classes, songwriting, internet radio production, writing and video and media production; in the future we will add modules in the visual arts, such as in painting, graphic arts, and computer graphics;

  • We believe that appropriate and stimulating work/vocation can significantly aid in Recovery, and have as our goal, the creation of Business Incubators for our community, which can aid both our clients, as well as support our sustainability as a self-supporting entity;

  • We believe that individuals should have the freedom and choice to utilize multiple pathways of recovery including abstinence only, harm reduction, moderation management, as well as medically assisted treatment (MAT);

  • We believe in providing a diverse program of groups, interventions and classes that address the multiple domains of function (see our catalog); and that at the heart of our program are ongoing peer recovery support and counseling groups, which address the variety of life challenges that we all face ongoing;

  • We believe that Recovery is possible, and that we can control our own destiny; we believe that there are many different spiritual pathways that support a positive way of life;

  • We align ourselves with a variety of organizations and individuals whose philosophies of recovery bring hope, fresh insights, and newer perspectives to the Recovery Movement, and to what being in recovery means.


We are seeking following for or Day Program, Peer Specialist groups and training and our DUI Program (evenings):

  • Licensed Counselor: LISAC, LASAC, LPC, LAC

  • Peer Recovery Support Specialists for training and groups, who can support our clients with skills in music, technology,, writing, video, audio, etc. 

  • Marketing and Social Media Guru

  • Admin Assistant for billing and assisting our team

We are also actively seeking collaboration and assistance in web design, music and video education and production, musicians and producers, and peer support. We believe in a co-operative model of functioning and support folks to ‘own their jobs.’

Please send all correspondence, resumes, music links, and emails to:

Alan Kovin, M.S., LASAC

Help Wanted

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