Younger, more handsome Alan :)

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Older and Wiser Alan


On our Music and Projects page, please find past work and works in progress. Downloads and streaming are both available. WholeLife Music represents our non-profit label and production company and is interested in collaboration both in Arizona, and throughout the country. We have excellent facilities for production including a full Mac-Pro Tools based recording studio, adequate outboard gear including analog mixing, and our new multi-function space in the WholeLife Community, where we can produce live recordings and videos. In 2021, we will return online with our Music and Recovery Classes. 


From The Heartland
The Heartland project is our pilot performance project to offer inspirational, feel-good and a non-directive musical show directed towards those individuals seeking affirmation and reinforcement for their challenges of addiction. Folks in recovery, students and musicians are invited to participate in its production. Samples can be heard here. 

Alan Kovin