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WholeLife Counseling is our licensed counseling agency. We have renewed our AHCCCS status and will be accepting some insurance.  We are a harm-reduction agency, and are accepting of Multiple Pathways of Recovery. Music and therapies with music are a significant part of the WholeLife Recovery Day Program. Our Holistic Intensive Outpatient Program (HIOP) encompasses process, as well as important topics of psycho-education.  We address our multiple domains of function: spiritual, passion development, vocational, physical and emotional wellness, and social/community. The WholeLife Recovery Day Program is limited to 8 individuals. It runs from 8:30 AM til 3:00 PM and includes a Holistic Intensive Outpatient Group, Yoga/Meditation/Stretching, Peer Groups and Music Groups, with a periodic movie at the Harkins Metro.  Individual Counseling and family groups will also be scheduled.

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WholeLife Activities and Psychoeducation Groups

LifeSkills-Passion Development

Music Therapy

Recording Engineer Certificate

Music Production

Lynda.Com--Computer Training


Songwriting/Lyric/Creative Writing


Peer Recovery Support Group

Individual Recovery Support Coaching


Mindfulness: Living in the Present and Presence

Spirituality and Daily Living

Dealing with Procrastination

Holistic Relapse Prevention

Foods and Feelings

Harm Reduction for Daily Living

Evolution Radio: Production, Technology,

Music Production and Songwriting

Drumming, Songwriting, Music Appreciation  

Dealing with Depression and Anxiety

Identifying and developing our strengths

Self Esteem and Positive Affirmations

Identifying and developing our own passions

What does Recovery mean for me?

Vocational Life Options

Business Incubator/Entrepreneurship

Smoking Cessation



Recovery Academy

Miscellaneous Groups

Individual and Class Guitar

Individual and Class Drums/Percussion

Drumming, Music Appreciation and Active Listening

Individual Music Lessons

Songwriting 1-3

Studio Recording 1-3

Video Production 1-3


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